22 February 2015


Homogenic album cover
This week brought me back to my childhood when my favourite artist was Björk (right before my Mariah Carey period). I remember spending hours listenning to her music and even watch her video clips on vhs. Yes the black square thing you put in the black square box. This used to drive my mother crazy. According to her standards Björk was a useless artist because her videos wouldn't teach me any dance moves.

Years gone by and I stopped listenning to Björk for more conventional music. So when I heard the MOMA(museum of modern art) set up a retrospective of the musician/singer/artist I was thrilled althgough I don't live in New York and don't plan on flying over.

But I took the opportunity to immerse on her ecclectic universe again. "Bachelorette" is probably her most famous song and video. If you don't know her music I would suggest to start with the album "debut" and continue with "Homogenic"which the cover was designed by Alexander McQueen.
Collaboration with singers and designers has always been a trend , and Björk always managed to work with confidential or renown designers. For the Festival of Cannes ceremony in 2000 she wore the pink lampion dress by designer Marjan Pejoski and for the Oscar ceromy the unforgettable swan dress. Yes before the meat dress of Lady Gaga there was Björk and the bird dress.

Retrospective MOMA :  March 8-June7 2015.

09 February 2015



For more than a year now yoga has been part of my life and of my daily routine. Sometimes it is not easy to get up and get motivated,So I like to create a smooth atmosphere and surround myself with positive vibe items.

07 February 2015


This week week was all about discovery. Now that I've seen the movie lost in translation, I wonder to myself "How come I didn't see this movie sooner ?". Sofia Coppola has always appeared to me as a corny female director ( although I've never seen any of her movies). The virgin suicides trailer confirmed my unfounded opinions. So I decided to give it a shot.
Ok. I was dead wrong. Sofia Coppola isn't a corny female director talking about romance and prince charming stories. Lost in translation is about boredom,loneliness and meeting people. Meeting people who are experiencing the same currention situation as you. There are some people who you click with instantly. Years ago when I was travelling a lot I used to meet strangers and chat with them for 30 minutes, an hour even few hours. I remember a time when I was on a plane and chat with a canadian guy for 4 hours. He was travelling around the world and talked about his trips and his family. I would tell him things I never shared with anyone such as my dream to be an actress. It's funny how you share personal things with strangers that you wouldn't tell to your best friend.

My perfect sunday will be watching a good movie and go to an exhibition.
Terry O'Neil , a famous photographer who shot many celebrities like the Beatles, Tony Curtis and even Audrey Hepburn. One of my favourite is Faye Dunaway by the pool of a Hotel the morning after receiving an oscar.
Exhibition takes place in London in the little black gallery.

crédit photo : Terry O'Neil